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CA5G is the national innovation network dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G and massive Internet of Things (mIoT) in Canada.

From 1G to 4G, each generation of cellular network has seen a step up in capability and complexity. 5G is not another step; it is a quantum leap.

5G will not just change mobile internet, it will redefine connectivity as a whole becoming the network infrastructure for the Internet of everything integrating people, process, data and things.

In a world where not just people are connected but all things are, too: people will be connected to smart buildings, cars will be connected to smart traffic lights, patients with their medical devices to their doctors, and autonomous drones will criss-cross the skies. Every industry and human endeavor will be able to take advantage of cellular connectivity in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before.

The global economic impact will be massive. It is estimated to reach tens of trillions of dollars in the next decade. In Canada 5G could add $40 Billion in annual GDP and 250,000 permanent new jobs by 2026 according to some industry analyst estimates. With the “multiplier effect” of 5G and the growth of 5G-enabled massive Internet of Things (mIoT) these benefits could become even larger.

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Latest Industry News

5G Will Have Significant Positive Impacts for Canadians in Rural and Urban Communities

Accelerating 5G in Canada Report
Cities and rural communities across Canada will see significant economic and quality-of-life benefits as 5G is deployed. According to a new report commissioned by the...

Canadian Intelligence Agencies Disagree on Huawei Ban – Media

Huawei 5G CSE CSIS
According to a recent media report, Canadian key intelligence agencies - the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) -...

Rogers Opens First 5G-Powered Smart Campus at UBC

UBC Rogers 5G
Rogers Communications, together with the University of British Columbia (UBC), announced the launch of what it claims to be Canada’s first 5G-powered smart campus...

Ericsson Extends 5G Security Partnership with Concordia University in Montreal

Ericcson 5G Security Concordia
Ericsson has extended a 5G security partnership with Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, through a new industrial research chair awarded by the Natural Sciences...

GSMA Report Highlights North America’s Global 5G Leadership

GSMA North America 5G
A new GSMA report highlights North America's global 5G leadership. The report - The Mobile EconomyNorth America 2019 - part of GSMA’s ongoing Mobile...

ENCQOR 5G Launches First Public mmWave Service in Canada

Encqor 5G
ENCQOR 5G (Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Québec and Ontario for Research and Innovation) industry partnership announced that Canada's first publicly...

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Why CA5G? – Collaboration: The Unexpected Key to Success in Canada’s 5G Ecosystem

Canada 5G Ecosystem Collaboration
In 1967, Lynn Margulis, a young biologist, published a paper that challenged more than a hundred years of evolutionary theory. It proposed that millions...

The Quantum Computing Threat to 5G Security

Quantum 5G Security
Recently, in the science journal Nature, Google claimed ‘quantum supremacy’ saying that its quantum computer is the first to perform a calculation that would...

5G Network: A Quantum Leap in Connectivity – and Cyber Threats

5G Network
The timeline of human history is marked by inflection points of major technological advancement. The plow, the printing press, the telegraph, the steam engine,...

5G Innovation Zones in Canada for Launching AI and 5G in Tandem

5G Innovation
In my previous post I argued that if Canada wants to succeed with its AI-focused innovation agenda, it should also be at the forefront...

5G Health Risks – Health, Wealth and Tin Foil Hats

5G Health
The rollout of 5G is one of the most anticipated events in humanity’s technological history. But what about the 5G health concerns? It’s the night...

5G and AI – Getting Smart About 5G and AI in Canada

5G and AI
Canada has been investing in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for longer than most of the industrialized world. Dr. Geoff Hinton of Google...

AI and 5G: AI at the 5G Core – A Double-Edged Sword

AI and 5G
If you've ever been to an expensive restaurant and ordered a familiar dish like, say, lasagna, but received a plate with five different elements...

Risks of AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Meeting the Ghost in the Machine

Risks of AI
In 1956, at a workshop on the campus of Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) was born. Attendants...

Digital Double Helix: Why the Fates of 5G and AI are Intertwined

AI and 5G
In 2013, George F. Young and colleagues completed a fascinating study into the science behind starling murmurations. These breathtaking displays of thousands – sometimes...

5G Critical Infrastructure – the Most Critical of All

5G Critical Infrastructure
Not even 30 years separate us from the end of the Cold War. Yet, we appear to be witnessing the emergence of...

Telcos Should Take Risks to Jumpstart the 5G Ecosystem

5G Ecosystem
5G connectivity burst onto the world stage at last year’s Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea and gained pop culture visibility again...

Geopolitics of 5G and 5G-Connected Massive & Critical IoT

Geopolitics of 5G
Emerging Technology and Geopolitics of 5G There are several reasons emerging technology is a highly competitive industry, notwithstanding the...

5G Policy and Regulatory Checklist

5G Policy
Ultra high speed, high quality 5G networks are expected to provide the connectivity required for massive IoT adoption, remote robotic surgery as...

5G Network Slicing Technology: A Primer

5G Network Slicing
Hyped as the technology that will transform the world, 5G is moving past the buzzword stage with first implementations coming to life...

5G Security & Privacy Challenges

5G Security
Don’t let the “5G” in the title confuse you. This post is not only about the telcos’ core networks, but about the...

How 5G Will Transform the Global Economy and Societies

5G Society Future
Since the dawn of the 21st Century, the ways in which people and organizations that use the Internet experience, perceive and act...

Cyber-Kinetic Risks: The Unintended Consequence of IoT in a 5G World

Cyber-Kinetic Risk
Getting smart about security in smart systems Smart used to be something we called people or pets. It...

5G Making It More Important for Governments to Lead IoT Security

IoT Security
The human brain is programmed to keep us safe and secure. Yes, we are separated from the rest of the animal kingdom...

Innovation in Canada – What’s Not Working and What Is

Innovation in Canada
Canada’s rankings in innovation has lagged that of other peer nations for decades despite government efforts to address this issue. Considering its...

If You Thought 5G Was About Mobile Phones, You Were Wrong

5G IoT
Everybody has been confused about the furore over 5G recently. The confusion, of course, being why would anybody be so concerned with...

Regulating the Security of the Internet of Things (IoT) in a 5G World

Regulation IoT Security
In one of those strange inversions of reason, The Internet of Things (IoT) arguably began before the Internet itself. In 1980, a...

How Telecom Operators Can Strike Back with IoT, Fog and Security

Telecom IoT
Telecom operators sat back as the new over-the-top (OTT) service providers, internet and tech companies slowly ate away at their business, particularly...

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